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Above you can find links to specific groups (forensics, study abroad).  If you’d like an appointment with Ms. Ferguson, please visit the forensics page and use the youcanbook.me link to sign up “for a practice”.

Below you can find the calendar of upcoming school events & what we’re studying.  All important documents are attached (with copyrighted material obscured from public access).  Any copyrighted materials that students need will be shared via Google Classroom.  Materials/events are all classified by class (Spanish 5 = V, Spanish 3 = III, AP Literature & Culture = AP LIT, AP Language & Culture = AP LANG)

About Ms. Ferguson

Ms. Ferguson has taught at La Follette High School since 2003.  She began, like many LHS students, starting Spanish classes in 8th grade.  After graduating with honors from UW Oshkosh with a double major in Elementary Education and Spanish, she got her first job teaching at Pioneer Westfield High School (now called Westfield Area High School).  After five years of working there, and loving it, she moved to Madison where she spent 2 years split between O’Keeffe Middle School and LHS.

She has spent considerable time (and money) studying second language acquisition and learning techniques to help students leave our Spanish program with good language proficiency.  Because of this work, she is a popular presenter at state, regional, and national conferences…she even got to present in France in the summer of 2018! She also has been a big part of the Señor Wooly website materials, writing stories and activities for students.

When not teaching, “Profe” enjoys playing sports (soccer, volleyball, curling) and music (violin, percussion). She is also a huge fan of Forward Madison Football Club, and can often be found at their events, or cheering from the Flock End at games.  (Sometimes even leading from the capo stand!)

Spanish 1

Welcome to Spanish 1!!  Here you can find all the important information about our class!

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Spanish 4 & 5 Combined

Welcome to Spanish 4/5! Here you can find all the important information.

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