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About Practices:

Students are required to complete a specific number of practices (typically 2/week) in order to remain on the team.  Practices are scheduled individually with a coach, and the schedule is flexible, but participants must find time for official practices.  Performing in front of a class (and getting teacher signature) can also count as an official practice.  Some staff members (Ms. Hornung, Mrs. Poquette, Mr. Poquette) are experienced with forensics and may also be available for practices.

Book a practice online!!

Book with Ms. Ferguson!  Click on the highlighted text, or follow the QR code:  

Book with Coach  Amanda!  Email her at victory.hall at

Not sure what category you want?
Check out the Forensics Category Descriptions.  These are from 2015…so Moments in History, Public Address, Special Occasion, and Storytelling have different topics.  See Coach F. to get the current list.

Want to see some Forensics Videos?  Check out the links below!

A State Champion PROSE piece  (I don’t know what state.)

Memorial’s Team 2013…I know, we don’t like them.  But we do respect how wicked good they are.  They are really good and we can learn a LOT from watching them.  So watch them.  At least watch your planned category.  Public Address, Poetry, 4-Minute, Prose, Oratory, Solo Serious, Farrago, Play Acting,  Radio, (Group Discussion…a category only offered at a few meets, you can try it out if you want, but can’t make it your primary category),  Solo Humorous, Special Occasion, Demonstration Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Prose, (Duo Interpretation…another one only offered at a few tournaments)

Madison West Team 2014…Yeah.  Why is there no LHS video on the website?  Still, they’re good.  Special Occasion, Duo Interpretation, Solo Humorous, Farrago, Radio, Special Occasion, Oratory, Prose, Oratory, Moments in History, Solo Humorous, Special Occasion, Poetry, Moments in History, Prose, Moments in History, Group Interpretation, Solo Humorous, Radio, Duo Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Duo Interpretation, Prose, Farrago,

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