Spanish 4 & 5 Combined

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What We’ve Been Up To…Unit 1: Bajo la mesa

In a unit based around Morat & Sebasti├ín Yatra’s song “Bajo la mesa”, we began our year talking about art and the impact art can have on us, as observers and creators. During this unit we got reacquainted with Spanish, which has been absent from many students’ lives for months. We practiced adjectives and description of famous words of art.

We leaned into a focus on equity and social justice, by looking at art created as a form of activism. This included exploring individual works of art, such as Picasso’s mural Guernica; artists who themselves are known for activism with their work, such as internationally-known British graffiti artist Banksy; and also series of projects dedicated to causes, such as the many murals that have come from the Black Lives Matter protests for racial equity that gained international attention during 2020.

During the course of this unit, students were challenged to imitate famous works of art in an “Imit-Arte” (a play on “imitarte” meaning “to imitate yourself” and the word “arte” meaning art). You can see their amazing creations by clicking here.

Our final assessment for Unit 1: Bajo la mesa included selection of a work of art created around a cause or theme important to the students. They wrote about how this art connects to the cause, why it’s important to them personally, and how well the art spreads its message.

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