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Trip 2019:  Costa Rica & PANAMA

Are you on Twitter? Photos are being uploaded to my twitter feed with the hashtag #LHS2019Trip. Or check out the Google Drive link shared with all parents and students  


Meetings will be held Monday 6/17 and Tuesday 6/18 at 6:00pm in room C17. You’re only required to attend one meeting.  We’ll go through last-minute logistics and there are some gifts for the travelers!

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June 21, depart Chicago at 9am.

Which means check in at 6am, which means a SUPER early morning departure.

It looks like this flight will have a layover in Panama City, although there are a couple of flights leaving Chicago at 9, and I don’t know which is ours.

June 29, arrive back at Chicago at 1:20pm.

These flights appear to depart at about 7:30am, so another early morning for us! These should be direct flights.

April 17 parent meeting presentation

Other questions not specifically about this trip, but about travel in general?  Check out my new travel website!

Late May/June 1:  Ms. Ferguson will collect cash from anyone who wants to land in Costa Rica with some Colones.  This is optional.  Costa Rica does have ATMs and many stores accept credit cards, but some people do prefer to have cash in their pockets.  It is NOT recommended to bring more than $100 in Colones, unless you plan to shop a lot and/or will not have a credit card to use.  It is not suggested that students plan to bring American dollars to a currency exchange in Costa Rica.  Taking cash out of an ATM is a more cost-effective way to acquire cash there. (Ms. F is planning to mostly use her credit card, but will bring a little cash just in case. If she weren’t a group leader, she wouldn’t bring more cash than the left over colones she has from the previous trip there.)  Try to bring smaller bills as they make change easier.

Panama uses the US dollar and the shopping there will be more typical of shopping here, in malls & department stores.  There is no need to have an abundance of cash on hand in Panama. Plan on using cash similarly to how you do in the US.  For small purchases it makes sense, for larger ones, cash or credit card.  DO NOT bring bills larger than $20. They have some strict anti-counterfeit rules for large bills and it will be…inconvenient…to have larger bills.

ONE WEEK BEFORE TRAVEL there will be a MANDATORY  meeting for all participants and parents.  At this meeting, students will be given travel documents and final reminders, especially about packing regulations.  Parents will also get the chaperones’ home-stay phone numbers and internationally-accessible cell phone numbers in case of emergency.  If you choose to purchase some Costa Rican Colones (optional) they will be distributed at this meeting (assuming sufficient change is available). This will happen sometime between the 14th and 19th of June.  Keep watching for a survey to find a good time.

Travel:  Depart Chicago on June 21, return on June 29

“Preguntas” book (Interact Travel’s policies. The last page of this is the enrollment form)

Trip Itinerary Photos/Description:COSTA RICA & CANAL

LHS-Spanish-Club-Trip-2019-First-Parent-Meeting   Presentation (Updated May 26, 2018 with new itinerary)

DECEMBER 13 Parent Meeting presentation (click the title)



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